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Funding For Artists
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Creative Project


The Funding For Artists Program is a work in progress initiative. This is an update as to where the undertaking is at this stage...

Funding for artists is a big trend right now. Actually, funding for artists is such a large trend that it can currently be found on Google Trends. We believe in education that has to do with funding for artists or anyone who has a creative project. Therefore to get started learning how to fund your creativity or creative project just go to nycmakeadifference.com and sign up for the "NYC Make a Difference" Newsletter which is the official newsletter of the Platinum Pias Awards.

Interestingly enough, Funding For Artists is the theme of the coming 2017 Platinum Pias Awards. Specifically funding for artists or anyone who has a creative project and is making a difference in the community. Starting after the 2016 Sixth Annual Platinum Pias Awards the "NYC Make a Difference" Newsletter begins focusing on funding for artists, entrepreneurs, organizations and even donors themselves. How? By filming video and writing about movers and shakers revealing their own methods for getting funding for their creativity or creative projects.

There's no time like the present to become a part of the Funding For Artists mammoth trend which might even be called a revolution. You can do this by signing up for the "NYC Make A Difference" Newsletter, the official newsletter of the Platinum Pias Awards.

Because don't forget, the Platinum Pias isn't just an awards show, it's a year round experience. This experience consists of newsletter communications plus Lights Camera Read workshops at libraries, community centers and schools in tandem with empowering youth with working on media projects such as the Platinum Pias themselves.

In fact, if you were at the 2016 Platinum Pias Awards, you had an opportunity to appear in the video newsletter as well as the documentary "Celebrity Entrepreneurship: Youth Empowerment Part II (part I of which premiered at the 2016 awards)."

Those attending the 2016 shindig were asked to make a difference for those in need of more information regarding funding for artists including emerging artists, entrepreneurs, organizations and donors. If you were one of those who gave of yourself by giving an interview on camera at the 2016 Platinum Pias Awards we thank you and those benefitting, including youth, thank you.

Remember funding for artists is a hot trend right now, so to get started with info regarding funding your own creativity or creative project, sign up for the NYC Make a Difference Newsletter. Each week you'll learn something new about those who are successful with funding as well as "Entertainment Entrepreneurship." Entertainment entrepreneurship by the way is another Google Trend. Why? Because there's no business that's not in show business. Don't delay your chance to learn about what others are doing with funding for artists, sign up for the newsletter now and maybe we'll see you at the Platinum Pia Awards in 2017!


NYC make a difference. Sign up now for the official newsletter of the Platinum Pias Awards. Membership has its privileges. (1) You can nominate someone for a Platinum Pia (2) You can nominate yourself (3) You can leave testimonials for your Pia Picks. Plus, get coverage before and after the Platinum Pias Awards as well as useful information regarding entrepreneurship, media and funding for artists. Sign up now and - NYC make a difference! We'll see you at the Platinum Pias on Monday, March 21 at 6:30pm at 87 Layfayette Street.

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