ArtisticPreneurship is a hot topic. How is it different from Entertainment Entrepreneurship? Read this blog post to find out!

A Creative Take

ArtisticPreneurship is a variation on Entertainment Entrepreneurship, the difference being that Entertainment Entrepreneurship is the art of combining an entertainment approach to achieving your entrepreneurial goals, whereas ArtisticPreneurship uses a creative approach (including entertainment) to achieve those goals. In other words the first is entertainment based, while the latter has a more general creative take.

Working Toward a Common Goal

Keeping this in mind, the website as of this writing is at the very beginning of developing their site and appear to be slowly but surely adding new new sections to their menu. The latest is the ArtisticPreneurial COLLECTIVE.

The ArtisticPreneur Collective

Collective is a term that can mean many things, but we here at Entertainment Entrepreneurship are guessing that ArtisticPreneur is utilizing the name as meaning “A group of like minded individuals working toward a common goal.”

The main goal that has, as taken from their “About” page, appears to be:

“We are a creative New York City collective of media professionals and freelance marketers who specialize in working with you, the ArtisticPreneur, via the internet to help you get more new customers, clients and fans as well as retain the ones you already have.”

Evolution of a Website

It’s interesting watching evolve. From our sources we have heard that ArtisticPreneur is building their site based on public interest. In other words they calculate what the most popular topics are and then they put things on their website along the lines of those subjects.

Growth Can End at Any Time

We’ve also gleaned regarding the act of them adding pages could end at anytime. Since they are basing their updates on audience interest, if the visitors stop coming so will the content. Let’s hope that continues their journey because thus far, in our opinion, the additions have been fun to watch.

ArtisticPreneur Celebrities who use Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Celebrity ArtisticPreneurs
Is it possible to be good at both art and business? Coming up are some ArtisticPreneur celebrities who seem to indicate that the answer is “Yes!”

Entertainment Entrepreneurship as a Strategy for ArtisticPreneurs

It’s no secret that many celebrity ArtisticPreneurs use Entertainment Entrepreneurship. Some use Entertainment Entrepreneurship to facilitate their careers and others have side businesses. We’re going to detail some of our favorite ArtisticPreneurs including Tyler Perry, Reese Witherspoon, The Olsen Twins and Billy Corgan

Tyler Perry

First let’s take a look at ArtisticPreneur Tyler Perry. He’s someone who has used Entertainment Entrepreneurship techniques to facilitate his career as an actor and multifaceted entertainment professional.

Here’s what was said about Tyler Perry as seen in

“The actor is famously known for creating (and starring as) the Madea character. Perry has brought in more than $650 million through the comedy franchise so far. He launched Tyler Perry Studios in 2005.”

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is our next ArtisticPreneur and Entertainment Entrepreneurship user as seen in

“In 2010, the Oscar award–winning actress paired with Australian producer Bruna Papandrea to create the production company Pacific Standard. The mega hit Gone Girl was the first film produced by the company. Later, they released Wild, another hit starring Witherspoon herself. The company aims to buy the rights to novels with empowering roles for women.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

And of course it’s important to mention the ArtisticPreneur duo the Olsen Twins of “Full House” fame. Let’s take a look at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as seen in

“They currently preside over Dualstar Entertainment, a retail group established in their names in 1993, which now sells around $1 billion in merchandise (from clothes to accessories to cosmetics) each year, mainly through Wal-Mart. The pair has also branched out into couture fashion with their own label, The Row.”

Billy Corgan

We’ve saved our personal favorite ArtisticPreneur for last because we’re fans of his band Smashing Pumpkins. Here’s what was said about Billy Corgan in

“Billy Corgan is a man of many talents. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman owns a tea shop in Highland Park, IL, and is a senior producer of TNA Wrestling.”

In Closing

So there you have it, Entertainment Entrepreneurship details on ArtisticPreneurs Tyler Perry, Reese Witherspoon, The Olsen Twins and Billy Corgan all of whom are talented in both the arts and business.

Are you Considering Using the Celebify Process for Your Career as an ArtisticPreneur?

Reach out to Celebify yourself as an ArtisticPreneur. It takes guts and desire and is something you must be able in advance to touch in your mind,
Reach out to Celebify yourself as an ArtisticPreneur. It takes guts and desire and is something you must be able in advance to touch in your mind,

So You Want to Celebify Yourself and Become an ArtisticPreneur?!

You know, you don’t have to Celebify yourself to become an ArtisticPreneur. You have the option to be a quiet and unassuming ArtisticPreneur keeping your your creative juices flowing without having to be under the spotlight.

But if being blinded by the light is for you, then go for it! But make sure there are footlights on your stage so you can gauge the audience as you perform. This is very important. I learned this when I was a “Semi-Pro” magician between the ages of 8 to 18. Just like a conjurer does while doing her or his feats of legerdemain, you need to make certain to observe your spectators. It makes the overall performance turn out better because as an ArtisticPreneur you get a sense of what the crowd wants and then can give them that thing.

The same concept carried over into me later having to publicly speak, usually as a Digital Marketing educator. I would (and still do) watch the group and feed off of their energy. Or if they have no energy, attempt to pump some into the room.

Celebifying Yourself Comes with Responsibilities

Once you make the committment to celebifying yourself it’s hard to turn back. When you inevitably become a public figure, this comes with responsibility. You should never take your status of being in the limelight for granted. It is something you must constantly work on and as much as is possible, be in control of.

I recently wrote a rather tongue in cheek article recently on the topic of “How to Celebify Yourself in Just a Few Easy Steps.” Excerpts from the article were included in the “ArtisticPreneur Email Newsletter.” A question I got over and over again was in reference to this paragraph of the blog entry:

“I’ve had the good fortune to have observed the Celebify Process up close and personal on three separate occasions. These individuals started out as total unknowns. I then participated in the process of them most definitely becoming the “C” word.”

Although the article was clearly done as a goof (though the thing about the three celebs it true), people really wanted to know how the three folks in the paragraph were able to become famous.

The Journey to Becoming a Celebified ArtisticPreneur

Needless to say everyone’s path to becoming well known is different and required different steps. But the one thing that is a constant with the three celebrities I observed, is that you have to WANT it and want it badly. You also must have razor sharp FOCUS. This means only keeping around the people who can do things for you and your career, and abandoning the others.

Focus also includes mapping out the steps of your career but to also be flexible if there are new developments not in the plan. It used to be a cold hard fact that you were at the mercy of the industry. This is still true to a large extent. But something that is growing rapidly is for the artist or business owners to Executive Produce your own show business properties.

For example DocuMysteries are very popular at the moment and could be a good genre to explore when creating your own endeavor.

Win an Award Such as a Platinum PIA

Something else you might consider is getting yourself into the running for winning an award such as a Platinum PIA. Of course we’re biased since we produce the PIAs, the full title of which is “The Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for ArtisticPreneurs who are Making a Difference in their Local Neighborhoods and Around the World.”

It goes without saying that the award you win doesn’t have to be a PIA. But if you interested in at least getting into the running, use the Entertainment Entrepreneurship Contact Form and tell us about how you are an artist/business owner who is making a difference. Also it wouldn’t hurt to seek out being a Guest Blogger or Interviewee of the Entertainment Entrepreneurship site.

You can ask for more information on being a Guest Blogger or Interviewee when you submit yourself (or someone you know) for a Platinum PIA. Don’t worry that nominating yourself for an award is too ego driven. The fact is that people who become public figures never have a problem suggesting themselves to be in the running for anything and everything. That is, if you want to Celebify yourself!

Entertainment Entrepreneurship – There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business

Benefit from Integrating Show Business into Your Business
Integrate Show Business into Your Business

Even USC is Getting into the Act

The catchphrase for is “There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business.” This slogan seems to be showcasing the concept that entrepreneurial activity is best served when its marketing is entertaining and creative. Also, Entertainment Entrepreneurship is not just the name of a website but has also been validated by the fact that USC (University of Southern California) offers an Entertainment Entrepreneurship course for their students.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship Found Online and Offline

But USC isn’t the only institution of learning that has a course on Entertainment Entrepreneurship. Florida’s popular campus and online education provider called Full Sail University offers one as well. It is entitled “Entrepreneurship in the Entertainment Business.”

The Best Place to Get ArtisticPreneur eBooks is on Art Gush

Art Gush is where you can instantly download ArtisticPreneur eBooks to learn how to use Entertainment Entrepreneurship to get more customers, clients and fans. And Art Gush is not just an eBooks store but it’s also a blog where you can discover effective ways to use video producing, web designing, digital marketing and blogging to take your ArtisticPreneur business or career to the next level.

Use Entertainment Entrepreneurship for Your Small Business

Justin Key on LinkedIn writes about Entertainment Entrepreneurship as being the successful secret weapon of every successful entertainer. But Entertainment Entrepreneurship is of course not restricted just to entertainers and other artists. It is also a technique that can be used very effectively by small businesses.

The Importance of Self Identifying as an ArtisticPreneur

The use by small businesses of Entertainment Entrepreneurship starts with first defining yourself as being an ArtisticPreneur. As an ArtisticPreneur you are creative and innovative in your approach to marketing your products and services. But from what source is this inspiration and ability found? We believe that it comes from understanding the psychology of Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

Forbes Magazine and Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Even Forbes is jumping on the Entertainment Entrepreneurship bandwagon with their article by Alex Knapp about Wil Wheaton regarding him being an entertainment entrepreneur. Wheaton is a former child actor turned YouTube star. By starting a YouTube channel he harnessed the power of Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

Regardless of Your Creative Career Path You Can Utilize Entertainment

So whether you’re an entertainer or small business or artist of any kind, you can empower your career or business with the use of Entertainment Entrepreneurship and become an ArtisticPreneur.

Get them GUSHING About Your ART and Business

You might want to check out Art Gush which is the blog and eBook store where you can instantly download ArtisticPreneur eBooks that show you how to get more customers, clients and fans using Entertainment Entrepreneurship. As an ArtisticPreneur you can take your creative career and business to the next level because there’s no business that’s NOT in show business.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship: It’s Okay to Believe in Unicorns

Release the unicorns, they can help you more than you may think.
Release the unicorns, they can help you more than you may think.

My daughter loves unicorns as many kids do. But as we get older we stop believing in things that we label as “Make Believe.” Why? Because we’re trying to be realists. It’s interesting, but all the successful artists who I had the honor of knowing before they became famous had one thing in common. They never doubted that they would be successful. Sure, sometimes they would stop believing, but throughout was a steadfast mental commitment to achieving the creative career levels they felt entitled to. Yet at the same time it was almost as though they might as well have been believing in unicorns, because those around them in the early days were not convinced they’d become what they eventually became. I also noticed that these artisticpreneurs increasingly made a point of building relationship with those who believed in unicorns too. Eventually they had created a cocoon around them of believers – believers in them. Of course those around them were connected to other people who could help with the journey. And as such, they made their ascent. Blocking out the naysayers and focusing on the dream. But for them it wasn’t a pipe dream, it was a guiding light. The unicorns carried them where they wanted to go.