New Project at the ArtisticPreneur Website

The Audience They Were First Pursuing

ArtisticPreneur has a secret. We’ll tell you about this later. We being Entertainment ENTREPRENEURSHIP it makes sense that we’d be interested in ArtisticPRENEUR because we both share “Preneur” in our site names. But of course that’s not the only reason, we are also very interested in their experimenting. At the moment ArtisticPreneur is serving those over 50 which from what we gather is going quite nicely. The gamble they’ve taken is the belief that the Over 50 crowd includes those who have unfulfilled dreams of having wanted an arts career or starting a business and did not pursue it, going the safe route instead.

Ready to Experiment

Certainly there are older persons signing up for the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter as well as communicating with the powers that be at ArtisticPreneur. But from what we gather from our last correspondence with ArtistiPreneur, they are not fully getting the result that they had hoped for and therefore have been considering other options. In our conversation with ArtisticPreneur we recommend they give it more time since they only just started with the over 50 angle approximately a month ago, which is barely any time at all. But regardless, ArtisticPreneur is vehement about wanting to look at other possible markets.

Mum’s the Word

Now here’s where the secret comes in. When we asked them what these markets were, they went closed lips on us. Regardless of how hard we tried, we couldn’t get it out of them. So in many ways this is a non report since the only news we have regarding ArtisticPreneur is that they are considering other avenues of audiences. We do know though how very seriously ArtisticPreneur takes in looking for the fit with a demographic. They literally wrote the book about this with some of the eBooks they’ve written about the topic. So it’s anyone’s guess who they are reaching out. As new information comes in we’ll keep you posted.