Movie Method for Solopreneurs and ArtisticPreneurs

That Movie is Standing on its Head!

DigiRefer has been a Godsend for those who needed to find qualified folks for working on creative projects such as the DocuMystery Experiment connected to the Thrillumentary moviemaking procedure that turned the way that films are made upside down.

Actors Only

For those of you not familiar with the DocuMystery Experiment in conjunction with Thrillumentary, it was an undertaking in which the very nature of making films was completely reinterpreted. It relied on primarily one artist behind the scenes who wrote, directed and produced the movie with the only other folks working on the endeavor being the actors.

Join the Tank

So who did DigiRefer refer? Primarily consultants with different areas of expertise who together constituted a kind of think tank. Because some of the consultants lived outside of New York City, Skype was often used. DigiRefer is like other talent banks with a difference. The people connected to the organization are very creative and able to adapt, especially when needing to step out of the box.

Thank You Technology

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is alive and well. Thanks in part to all of the technological evolution in the past 15 years or so. Anyone who wants to be an artistic of any kind can, as well as there being ways to then market the art that is made.

It is a Nice Fit with the Solopreneur

DigiRefer for example was responsible for the success of Entertainment Entrepreneurship’s unusual filmmaking methodology. It was movie making for the solopreneur which is itself its own genre.

Art or Info?

The thing with selling art these days is that sometimes for distribution one needs to focus on the value of the info about the making of the art rather than the art itself. The world is hungry for information, not necessarily artists or performing artists, especially those who are at the beginning of their careers.

New Talent Thermometer

So the outcome of the DigiRefer think tank sessions was that the level you need to monetize your art through selling information was in relation to how new the talent was.

It’s the Sideshow

Solve a problem that people have as it relates to your art that depending on what kind of art form you practice can complement the content in some way. Thanks to DocuMystery for you help.