Virtual Reality the New Reality?

Dealing with Isolation

As many of you have likely thought, what’s next? Is the cure to being in lockdown embracing virtual reality? Or will it be the extreme other side consisting of fighting against media of any kind? Kind of like what we experience every day on the news which has one aspect of the population going outside again, while another uses media and other tools just to cope within four walls. In other words, is entertainment the solution to dealing with isolation.

A Boon for Entertainment Entrepreneurship?

This is an amazing time for digital entertainment providers and entrepreneurs. Why? Because there is available a large audience of those who are seeking entertainment experiences that will assist them in dealing with not being able to go outside. Or is the other side going to win with their “work ethic” and their claim to freedom over safety.

The Big Question

What it really all comes down to is the question “Virtual reality or the new reality?