Recovering from 2020 for Entertainment Entrepreneurs

Become Objective

If you are someone who utilizes entertainment entrepreneurship tools in what you do, you may have an easier time than others processing what 2020 meant to you. Why? Because there is a certain amount of creativity and leap of thought to be able to stand outside of yourself and look at this year with some degree of objectivity.

Longer Than Thought

Let’s face, it 2020 was one of the most unpredictable years in recent (or even distant) history. Who could have predicted that the COVID-19 manifest and rear its ugly head, causing injury and loss to almost all human beings in our great nation and even the world? It was so very random in its stronghold that many of us were in denial at first, thinking it would be something that we briefly would need to take a look at.

What was Lost

Instead, COVID-19 rocked the world of Entertainment Entrepreneurship to its very core. Those in the entertainment industry had to face things they had never faced before. There was no simple way out of this both in terms of the dangers of proximity to create entertainment as well as a loss of the means of distributing and promoting it.

Impact on Creatives

Films and other creative products and collaborations had to be put on hold until the virus ended or until ways of still being able to produce work could be found. With theaters and places to view art closing, it is safe to say that no creative individual who made a living with their creativity, was left without facing COVID’s impact.

Digital Solutions

Both for-profit and non-profit organizations felt, and continue to feel, the pain. And the only way out of this at the moment is to throw one’s self full throttle into the digital domain. Entertainment producers whose works could be distributed online took a foothold despite the challenges.

The Industry and Masks

Video streaming was a godsend for many because it could reach almost everyone with a fast internet connection. Certain mainstream actors and producers were even producing movies and television, but not without its severe challenges. Teams that were working together to develop artistic ventures had to do so with social distancing, hand washing and of course, masks.

Help for Live Performance

Even smaller production companies and artists have found ways of developing creative products and getting them to their audiences. Zoom has become a staple and a way of facilitating the careers of those who need to do what they do live, broadcasting to their fans, patrons and those who hire them. We are talking about comics, magicians and other creatives who do not require having an in-person team and fellow performers.

And the Pandemic Rages on

All across the country ranging from talk shows to performances, those engaged in entertainment entrepreneurship have had to quickly acclimate to originating virtual experiences. Those not stepping up to the plate in terms of not harnessing the power of the web, are being left behind. Even if, God willing, we come out of this without the Pandemic smothering many of the freedoms we once enjoyed, entertainment entrepreneurship will likely be changed for many more days to come.