Is Anything Normal?

Always Thinking About Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Although we have not updated this website for a few months, nonetheless we have been working hard on all things Entertainment Entrepreneurship related.

Making Change

Last Sunday we watched the Oscars and noted that reinvention, due to COVID-19, is not an easy thing to accomplish.

Normal is Never Normal

Maybe you have found this to be true in conjunction with what you are working on. There has been talk in the past about the coming of the “New Normal.” Now we talk about the “New New Normal,” or even the “New New New Normal!” In short, certain aspects of the things we do and the tools we use, are transformed forever. Or at least for the near future.

The Silver Lining

For some the changes are scary and are causing them to stiffen with fear. Though, those who have been able to pivot and be facile, are discovering ways to be even more successful both creatively and economically. In fact, many of the top practitioners of Entertainment Entrepreneurship, are perceiving the changes of “normality” a good thing.

Deliver Right to the Demographic

Content creators and distributers have been able to branch out or transform the content they develop and serve to the public. Many owners of channels have quite successful added a “+” at the end of their brand name and are ushering in online new customers who prior used to be just watchers (such as watching a show on a cable channel) but now have become direct consumers with online steaming.

Should “The Oscars” Receive an Oscar?!

But unfortunately, streaming, and other digital tools can have a negative outcome as well. Take for the example the show which was broadcast on Sunday. We watched (or rather many of us did not watch) the Oscars. And after everything had been said and done, the opinion of some viewers was that it seemed the program’s content was trapped somewhere between “old normal” and “new new new normal” and therefore was neither.

Can Entertainment Entrepreneurship Save the Day?

Do not get us wrong, it was clear that a lot of thought and genuine effort was put into the program, it just seemed to some that the result missed the boat both in terms of the marketing of the event as well as the show itself. We hope that the “Academy” learns from Sunday’s mistakes and is already developing next year’s Oscars, using as a key ingredient a healthy dose of Entertainment Entrepreneurship!