An Excerpt from the Work-in-Progress eBook entitled “A Hollyweird Guide to Authentic Friendships”



A rep from L.A.M.E. (Los Angeles Misunderstood Entertainers) came forward yesterday evening claiming to be the voice, not only of their organization, but also of those decent and hardworking members of the entertainment industry who were upset by the negative stereotype being implied that all actors and other members of the entertainment industry were self-absorbed and only cared about themselves and their careers. The rep said he had a quote to read me, but before he was able to do so, his agent called on the other line, so he put me on hold for around 10 minutes. When he got back to me, he said he was thrilled to share that he had gotten a call back on a role. After I congratulated him, he asked me what I had called him for. I reminded him that he had called me and was about to give me a quote. After a few minutes, during which I heard what seemed to be the shuffling of papers, he read this to me:

“...This is an outcry of hurt and pain and other kinds of hurt feelings that hurt a lot, because we are not the stereotype of self-involved performers, but are very concerned with important ecological issues like climate change, which is not our fault, despite the unfair characterization that nobody walks in L.A. and that we only drive to get to things like auditions and to producers’ houses at night, thereby supposedly causing the ever-present brown smokey fog haze in the sky. Flatulating cows are the real culprits, read the memo people!”