Entertainment and Business are both Parts of Entertainment Entrepreneurship, and Key to Both is to Answer the Question “Who is Your Audience?”

Is This You?

This is blog number four of the series of five blogs, all, like we are, members of the Blog Coalition. It is a series being done in an effort to help businesses licking their wounds post Pandemic, showing them the many choices, they have to get up to speed.

Who is the Audience for Your Products and Services?

Okay. Step #4 is where you buckle down for the ride with a very clear understanding of the perceived need that your customers or future customers have for which you can uniquely make a difference in their lives with your products or services.

So, what is the answer to the questions can you give?

The first question is, what does your customer need and want badly? So badly in fact, if they do not have it, they will fail?

Next Question

The next question is, how do you very uniquely have the only tool that will accomplish this for them. It is all about urgency. What do they need and want that you do and why should they choose you for their solution?

How are You Different and How is that Good?

If you do not know how what you do is better and different from others in terms of perception, you might as well give up? Because taking steps is going to be painful and lead to failure. Not to be hard core about it. It just stands to reason if you do not understand the needs of the audience for your business, how will what you offer be attractive to them.

Step #5 Can be Seen in the Next Blog Coalition Website

Look. Why did you get into this business category anyway? Is it connected to a passion on your part? Or is it just something you setup to do because you thought there was a market for it.? And initially that might be true. But why is it not working right now and how can you present the solution to their problems in a more compelling way? Step 5 will show you how. Go there now if you can or, seek it.