At this Point Having Funny and Entertaining Characters Representing Big Business, is Common Practice, How Can Emerging Startup Introverts do the Same?

Comedy Spokesperson

Being a Startup Introvert is challenging enough with the desire for solitude in direct opposition of the business need of networking with others. So, what is a low budget Startup introvert when it comes to wanting to be represented by a comedy spokesperson?

Demo Reels

One solution could be for the Startup Introvert to seek out thespians from comedy improv groups. All it requires is initially finding out if there are any organizations in your area, then watching shows and making a selection. But in this digital age, a much more Startup Introvert friendly approach, would be to go to one of the popular sites where you can hire talent online after looking at their demo reel.

Popular at the Moment Anyway

The great thing about this for Startup Introverts is that they can do the entire transaction just with correspondence being done in written form back and forth. Of course, you do not have to have a comedy spokesperson, but at the moment it appears to be popular.