John Yianni Stamas’ Entertainment Entrepreneurship Methodology is a way to get more customers, clients and fans for your creative career or small business.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship Helps You Get Your Voice Heard
Entertainment Entrepreneurship Helps You Get Your Voice Heard

John Yianni Stamas, who has as B.A. in Media Entrepreneurship and will soon have a Masters in Arts Administration, is a Digital Marketer who founded Entertainment Entrepreneurship back in May of 2015 as a way to help artists – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – to advance their creative careers and learn to be ArtisticPreneurs.

What is Entertainment Entrepreneurship?

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is a methodology to get more customers, clients and fans because there’s no business that’s not in show business. Introducing affordable web designing, digital marketing and blogging services customized to the unique needs of your career as ArtisticPreneur to reach your audience using Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

Who Can Entertaiment Entrepreneurship Help?

Do you have a business or maybe are planning to start one soon? Or are you an artist of any kind – including being a musician, writer or filmmaker etc. – who needs more fans and help with audience development? Or possibly you’re an artist who owns a business and desires to have more fun promoting and achieving customer acquisitions?

We specialize in serving ArtisticPreneurs from 9 vocations that include actors, businesses, educators, experts, nonprofits, performers, students, talents and vendors. If you are reading this then you likely fit in to 1 or more of those 9 types of ArtisticPreneurs. And if you would like to learn more about promotion solutions in detail for each of those 9 vocations, please also visit our companion website Video Film Web.

How Can You Get Started with Entertainment Entrepreneurship?

Are you ready to get started on your customized Entertainment Entrepreneurship approach to getting more clients, customers and fans? If so, then we recommend that you have a website designed for you to attract your audience either for you as an artist or for your business.

Do you have an old style html site that you need migrated to WordPress so that it is more mobile phone friendly? Or do you have no site but need a new responsive one at a great price that shows up beautifully on all devices including computers, tablets and cell phones?

Is Entertainment Entrepreneurship Right for You?

Does the term “Entertainment Entrepreneurship” resonate with you? Do you believe that “there’s no business that’s NOT in show business?” Do you consider yourself an ArtisticPreneur? If you answered yes to these questions then there’s a good chance that our pool of web designing, digital marketing and blogging freelancers could be a fit for you. All freelancers are independent contractors and therefore Entertainment Entrepreneurship is merely a conduit to them and not the organization implementing the services.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship History

The website for Entertainment Entrepreneurship was first established in 2015. Then in August of 2016, the educational component of the publication had an offshoot called Art Gush. Art Gush shared the mission of Entertainment Entrepreneurship and offered premium PDF and video content with a new course added each week. Each course was designed to take the user one week to complete, working at the rate of just 3 steps a day.

Next, in May of 2018, simultaneous with Art Gush continuing to evolve, the ArtisticPreneur blog was born. The ArtisticPreneur blog also shared the Entertainment Entrepreneurship mission of helping artists by providing artistic people with the strategies they need to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Also, the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter (formerly known as the Entertainment Entrepreneurship Newsletter) was born.

Get Details About Entertainment Entrepreneurship

So to get started on your Entertainment Entrepreneurship approach to acquiring more clients, customers and fans we recommend that you get a website that is designed to attract others to you and your profession or business. We can help whether you have an already existing html site you need migrated to WordPress (so that it is more mobile phone friendly) or you have no site but need one made for you that shows up beautifully on all devices including computers, tablets and cell phones. So to get in touch with a friendly ArtisticPreneur trained freelancer who can help you with your web design, digital marketing and blogging needs contact “Digi Refer” at Digi Refer is the number 1 digital referral service to find freelance media professionals.

Or contact us today at and we’ll not only create a website for you but we’ll also custom design a complete series of campaigns to reach your perfect customers and fans. We are able to do this because we work with the freelance promotional artists who in turn have freelanced with notable media companies such as Video Film Web. Get a digital referral of an ArtisticPreneur approved freelancer right now at

Entertainment Entrepreneurship Educators

Do you want to succeed as an entertainer in the world of entertainment? Or maybe you just desire to promote your business in a way that is more entertaining?

Left to Right: John Yianni Stamas and Justin Giordano

Regardless of your goal, thankfully you have two experts on your side – Dr. Justin Giordano (Entertainment Lawyer, MBA and Professor at both State University of New York Empire State College as well as John Hay College) and John Yianni Stamas (Web Designer, Digital Marketer and Blogger) to help you along the way. Their experience in the area of Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship will show you how you can harness the power of online and offline digital media that was up until fairly recently only available to the very rich.

More on Dr. Giordano and Mr. Stamas

Dr. Giordano is an interesting mix of business and the arts, because he is not only a lawyer and an MBA but also a music artist and performer, having recorded several albums. Mr. Stamas, who has a B.A. in Media Entrepreneurship and a Masters in Arts Management, was influenced by the marketing genius of Harry Houdini. John was a semi pro magician from age 8 to 18 and sometimes goes by the moniker “Manhattan Magician.” His background lead to the development of Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

Educational Empowerment

Stamas and Giordano have come together to create Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship education designed to empower those who wish to get involved in the entertainment industry, as well as small business owners who desire to get their business in front of more customers in an entertaining way.

Become an ArtisticPreneur

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is all about empowering the ArtisticPreneur. No longer does the ArtisticPreneur have to rely on pleasing the gate keepers to become successful. There is actually an art and science available to him or her and it is called Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

Employment Challenges and the ArtisticPreneur Solution

Singers, musicians and other entertainment professionals and small businesses including both those in front of and behind the scenes are finding themselves facing dramatic changes in employment opportunities.

Also there is a movement toward thinking more creatively regarding preparatory education and its relation to business. The artistic and entrepreneurial skills of the ArtisticPreneur are becoming a necessary foundation for success.

Today’s ArtisticPreneur realizes that just as important as developing her or his craft is gaining knowledge about areas such as the development of digital media campaigns to ensure getting gigs, fans and selling her or his music. And the first step of doing all this is to define your audience.

Define Your Audience

The first step in defining your audience is to write down who you believe your audience is. This could change over time but is an important aspect of your creative business.

Think of it this way: it is easier to put your product (yourself) in front of an audience that is ready to buy, than an audience you have to persuade. Therefore it is a vital goal to find that audience. This is the key to Entertainment Entrepreneurship. It allows you to be proactive instead of having to wait around for the phone to ring.