Entertainment Entrepreneurship Becoming More Relevant

Attention all E.E.s

For those of us who have enjoyed the Entertainment Entrepreneurship for quite some time now, we know the benefits well of seeing this domain through the looking glass of the merging of entertainment and business.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is All Around on TV

With the influx of TV commercials like those for Geico and Liberty Mutual we see entertainment and business launching all around.

Hey Presto, E.E. has Arrived!

It’s a good time to be an entertainment entrepreneur. Attention all E.E.’s, what do you have up your sleeve?

Sharks, Little Sharks and Being an Introvert

How Can You Use Marketing for the Sometimes Trying Existence of Being  One of the Quiet Ones?

Even if you are already a shark, being one on TV is going to take a bit of effort. Remember, you need to market yourself as a less famous shark to build up to a higher level such as getting international exposure.

Promoting Yourself to Others

How then do you promote who you are to others? Since marketing yourself in this manner is sometimes not necessarily considered “marketing” in the classic sense, you will need to do a lot of networking. We dislike the word “networking” but it is a good word for expressing what you need to do.

A Plus Because of the Virus

Again, if you are an introvert this is going to be harder to do. Ironically, being forced to remain in our homes because of the virus, is actually good for introverts because it is easier for them to promote themselves when they can limit themselves to using emails, texting and other low stress means of getting the word out about themselves. Anything but the horror (as perceived by introverts) of having to be stuck in a party and executing the anxiety producing feat of introducing themselves to others and sustaining a conversation.

Full disclosure: we are introverts!

Getting the Right Tools

Have you thought about using Entertainment Entrepreneurship tools? Each online marketing tool has a purpose and a benefit. Also, there is no right or wrong answer to what the purpose or benefit is, because it is entirely open to you and your interpretation. You can select what works best for you.

Also, these are the exact same tools we use for our own marketing. In fact, it is very possible these strategies are what lead you to us. Additionally, we custom make these tools for others who either don’t know how to make them or are too busy to take the time to do so.

Additionally, when we make tools for our clients, since each has a purpose and benefit, we provide our customers with a bit of consulting, especially if they decide they want to wield their tools on their own and not have us do so for them.

Let’s take for example the first of our tools “Blog Building.” Blogging to us is the process of documenting what we are doing.

The benefit is that through the magic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the content of your blog can help you attain rankings on search engines that will lead people to read what you have written and buy your products/services or sign up for your newsletter.

Are You a Home Business Entrepreneur Seeking a Better Online Marketing Solution?

Education is Important

If you are a home business entrepreneur seeking a better online marketing solution, we may have something for you. It is a new eBook entitled “Create Profitable Marketing” and it is about how to use the web as a way to improve your marketing with new and interesting strategies. Plus, before you jump into hiring someone or a business to help you market, it is a good idea to educate yourself first, and the eBook “Create Profitable Marketing” can help you with that!

A Source of New Marketing

Finally someone writes an eBook about online marketing that works. The strategies make sense in “Create Profitable Marketing.” And the surprising thing is that it doesn’t present to you a lot of fluff. We must admit we do thing the book is a bit all over the place in its presentation, but if you can look past that and see it more as a source of new marketing info you will get a lot out of this publication.

Check it Out

Here at “Entertainment Entrepreneurship” our audience consists of those who are seeking online marketing with an entertainment edge. “Create Profitable Marketing” fits the bill. It has a unique perspective that can easily be infused with your own entertaining approach. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

The Entertainment Dark Social Revolution?

Privacy Revolution?

When people communicate with each other, they often use a link to an entertaining or informative item. This is the time for those who are marketing themselves, their products or their services to wake and realize that conventional Social Media at least for the moment, is on a downturn. So, what is the solution? How are those who are trying to reach a particular demographic with their marketing efforts going to be able to tap into the new privacy revolution?

The Answer

The answer as of today is to search “Dark Social Software” to find the solution that works best for you. Due to the fact that Dark Social is 50 to 80 percent of all Social Media, reaching those people discussing your brand is vital. And remember, keep your brand entertaining as Entertainment Entrepreneurship is supposed to be. Because studies have shown that your audience is more likely to share a link regarding your company if it is, well, entertaining!

What Does Entertainment Entrepreneurship Mean to Us?

Stop Making Plans While You Look at the Time and Instead Just Start Living

Lennon said it best:

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” -John Lennon

We sometimes get asked: why did you start the Entertainment Entrepreneurship blog? The answer is because we were passionate to get to the bottom of our meaning of Entertainment Entrepreneurship. You see, there are several different meanings possible. And at times we have gotten caught up with the notion of what does the phrase mean? Rather than enjoying why we started the publication in the first plus. The John Lennon quote fits this notion like a glove. Life is indeed what happens when you are busy making other plans!


So what would a post by us be “actually living” than “making plans?” It would be to look at what Entertainment Entrepreneurship means to us. We feel that there is no business that’s NOT in show business. What we are trying to say by this is that the entertainment industry and small businesses have a lot in common. If a small business is not “entertaining” customers in some way, the business will likely fall apart.

Specific Demographic

What do we mean by this? Think if it in terms of the entertainment industry. If an entertainer ceases to be relevant, they become an “oldie” and their only hope is continuing to have their age specific fans relate to them so they can still make money.

Entertainment and Branding

In other words, Entertainment Entrepreneurship means connecting with your audience and keeping them interested. In our case, we are happiest when we think of Entertainment Entrepreneurship being a way to remain a part of a customer’s life by not only SOLVING their PROBLEM but also ENTERTAINING them as you do so. Obvious examples are what some of the insurance companies are doing as of late. Doing absurdist sits to amuse, then launching the pitch at the end. In other words, catch them with entertainment so that you can then reveal your branding.

Are You Up to the Challenge?

That’s okay to do. But it is far more of a challenge to keep entertaining them through every facet from first seeing your branding, through to actually having them choose and use your product or service. Are you up for the challenge? We know that DIYdigi is! If you click that link be sure you are ready to live and not just plan!

Entertainment Entrepreneurs Must Toot Their Own Horns

Getting Gigs

Not all entrepreneurs are artists but most artists of today are entrepreneurs. Why? Because they have a vision, brand and product to sell: themselves and their work. And this doesn’t just go for painters. It’s true of filmmakers, musicians, dancers and more. Even those who are not well known to the public, have to generate a certain kind of marketing which is to maintain relationships to get gigs.

Prevent the Nosedive

Are you an Entertainment Entrepreneur who uses Entertainment Entrepreneurship? If so, promoting yourself never ends. This is due to the fact that if you stop spreading the word about yourself or have team members who are getting out news about you stop doing so, you career and practice will take a nosedive.

Marketing and Entrepreneurial Help

Of course historically there are examples of those who seemingly didn’t promote themselves who did well. Or even individuals who became famous after they died. But all these people were connected to some kind of marketing and entrepreneurial help.

Toot Your Own Horn

Today most Entertainment Entrepreneurs know that they need to beat their own drum to get noticed. Marketing and entrepreneurial activities are sometimes  taken a bite out of their time that is even larger than them doing their creative projects. This is the reality of many of today’s artists,  you have to toot your own horn because no one else will.

Virtual Reality the New Reality?

Dealing with Isolation

As many of you have likely thought, what’s next? Is the cure to being in lockdown embracing virtual reality? Or will it be the extreme other side consisting of fighting against media of any kind? Kind of like what we experience every day on the news which has one aspect of the population going outside again, while another uses media and other tools just to cope within four walls. In other words, is entertainment the solution to dealing with isolation.

A Boon for Entertainment Entrepreneurship?

This is an amazing time for digital entertainment providers and entrepreneurs. Why? Because there is available a large audience of those who are seeking entertainment experiences that will assist them in dealing with not being able to go outside. Or is the other side going to win with their “work ethic” and their claim to freedom over safety.

The Big Question

What it really all comes down to is the question “Virtual reality or the new reality?

Are You Digital Enough?

Take Inventory

Are you digital enough? Sounds like a strange question but it is very relevant in this day and age. Because let’s face it, the companies that had their Entertainment Entrepreneurship ventures work were those steeped in the digital domain.

Transform Aspects

There are sadly many people suffering because they hadn’t integrated digital into their E.E. Why go digital? It is because with it you have the ability to communicate with your existing clients and your future ones. You were also able to help them with aspects of your business that were digital.

Take the Steps

How do you take steps to make your Entertainment Entrepreneurship venture more visual? It requires rethinking your business but not changing what your business is all about. In other words, go back to the solution your business provides for customers, then imagine your approach being partially powered by digital. This includes internal processes and communication outreach. Best to you.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is a “Thing”

All it takes is a camera and a dream and you could be the next great creator of the world of Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

A Powerful Term

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is a “Thing” and there is no better site than www.EntertainmentEntrepreneurship.com as a source of info about this powerful term.

Navigating the Industry

There have been many ways of defining an Entertainment Entrepreneurship, but you’ll find the best definition here. It is someone in the entertainment field who in addition to being talented in a certain area of show business also draws from the business world and that of entrepreneurs in order to navigate and build her/his career. We thank USA How To for the definition.

The Power Package

And a our friends at DocuMystery will tell you, if you also understand and practice a filmmaking methodology, nothing can stop you.