Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for ArtisticPreneurs Who are Making a Difference in Their Communities

"Catwoman" wins a Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for ArtisticPreneurs many years later. Meow.
“Catwoman” wins a Platinum PIA years after appearing on the original Batman TV series. Meow.

We work closely with the Lights Camera Read project known as the Platinum PIAs Community Awards show for ArtisticPreneurs. Since 2010 this awards show has been recognizing ArtisticPreneurs who are making a difference in their local neighborhoods and around the world.

Calling All ArtisticPreneurs

We are currently seeking ArtisticPreneurs for nominations. Maybe you want to nominate yourself or possibly you know of someone else who is an ArtisticPreneur and is making a difference? Either way, the Platinum PIAs (P.I.A. stands for Public Internet Artist) want to hear from you.

Past PIA Winners

Because of the fact that the Platinum PIAs Awards have been in existence since 2010, we have had many amazing ArtisticPreneurs win the Crystal Triangle of Artistic Expression also known simply as The PIA.

One of our favorite winners was Julie Newmar, perhaps best known as Catwoman on the early Batman TV series . I have to admit, I am old enough to have watched the series when it first came out, so I’ve been a Julie Newmar fan for the bulk of my life. The irony is that we were never in the same room with Ms. Newmar but because we now live in a digital world this was not necessary.

The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth
The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth

Julie Newman’s Book

Part of the reason that Julie Newmar won her Platinum PIA was that she wrote a book that has made a difference in the lives of many and has helped get them on the path to success. The book that she wrote is called “The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth.”

Coordinating a Meeting with Ms. Newman

As mentioned, I’ve never been in the same room as Julie Newmar and for that reason in order to communicate with her we had to email back and forth. The first emails were in regards to possibly interviewing her for “Celebrity Entrepreneurship: Youth Empowerment,” a documentary project designed to help New York City youth realize their goals. The documentary was slated to be used in conjunction with the Lights Camera Read DigiComArts workshop series at various branches of the New York Public Library.

Initially we made plans to interview Julie Newmar live at a convention known as Chiller Theatre which was in Parsippany, New Jersey, just a hop and a skip away from our headquarters in Manhattan, NY.

Chiller Theatre

When Deb, Rodger arrived at Chiller we were able to get six wonderful interviews with various pop culture celebrities, but when we began to approach Julie Newmar we faced some challenges – through no fault of hers. You see Ms. Newmar – who as stated was known for playing the original Catwoman – was there with the late Adam West the original Batman as well as Burt Ward the original Robin. Quite a reunion.

The line of fans leading up to Julie Newmar, Adam West and Burt Ward was so incredibly long, that Deb, Rodger and I didn’t have the heart to approach Ms. Newmar about an interview. We felt that doing so would be taking away from the fans’ time with her. So we decided to wait for a different time and place or digital mode.

Julie Newmar, Platinum PIA Awards winner.
Julie Newmar, Platinum PIA Awards winner.

Back to Emailing

After the Chiller Theatre show I emailed Julie Newmar congratulating her on a successful Chiller and mentioned an interest in her book which at the time I hadn’t read yet. Her next email back to me quite nicely offered to send me the book “The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth.”

Within a few days the book arrived and I was ecstatic. You see the idea behind “Celebrity Entrepreneurship: Youth Empowerment” was to create a short documentary that would explore entrepreneurial (and creative) techniques to become successful. And now here was a book that did that and more!

“The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth” by Julie Newmar is a wonderful “how to” guide on how to do stuff. Frankly it packs a punch as a business book, because if you follow what she suggests you do, you will likely achieve your business goals.

Art and Business or ArtisicPreneurs

I’ve always been of the belief that the best business people are artists known as ArtisticPreneurs, and now Ms. Newmar adds tapping the unconscious to the mix. She actually takes on the big questions and answers them. These include “How to Have What You Want…Including the Impossible,” “Rich…Or Really Rich,” as well as “Gardening and World Solutions” just to name a few.

The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth

The fun thing about Julie Newmar’s book is that it is tongue in cheek, sweet and warm. You get to know her and at the same time find viable solutions to issues you may have thought about, yet never had fully explained. Now the conscious Catwoman explains life on earth!

The lovely inscription in the copy of “The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth” that Ms. Newmar gave me, sums up the good feeling and “fit” the book will have for you. The inscription read “To John THE entrepreneur and to your wonderful life, Julie Newmar.” Thanks Julie Newmar and congratulations on winning your PIA which we sent to you.

Could You or Someone You Know Be the Next Platinum PIA Winner?

If you are an ArtisticPreneur who is making a difference in your community, feel free to nominate yourself. Or maybe you know an ArtisticPreneur who you think should receive a Crystal Triangle of Artistic Inspiration (a PIA), if so please nominate that person. Send all Platinum PIAs nominations to