Is Entertainment Entrepreneurship for You?

Website Networking

The term Entertainment Entrepreneurship is gaining traction online and the fine folks at Entertainment Entrepreneurship couldn’t be happier. Their name is a new buzzword! The catchphrase for Entertainment Entrepreneurship is “There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business!” And a part of’s ascent on Google has to do with their use of networking and help from the folks at “How to Get New Customers.” Also helpful has been looking at franchises such as Harry Potter.

It’s All About Useful Information

E.E. networks with others in their field who have websites. Although it is generally NOT great advice to promote each other online for various Google internal algorithm reasons, if you are truly linking to useful information in your niche, the result can often times be good!

E.E. Power

The fact is that some individuals have absolutely no idea what the term Entertainment Entrepreneurship really means is one of the reasons that colleges and other educational organizations are encouraging students to learn how to harness its power. Even U.S.C. offers a class in it! That’s where organizations such as “How to Get New Customers” can be helpful.

Different than the Norm

Our definition of what Entertainment Entrepreneurship is, is the use using entrepreneurial tactics while pursuing a career in the entertainment field. Why is this different than the traditional approach to being a producer, writer, actor etc.?

Doing Something New

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is different than the traditional route of a career in show business, in that the entertainment entrepreneur sometimes leverages tactics to produce results for her or himself that involves elements not normally by those in the field.

Multifaceted Possibilities

Techniques outside of the typical realm include entrepreneurial sponsorship, project development and more. And as an entertainment entrepreneurship devotee you can start, run, and oversee multiple companies

Is This For You?

Entertainment and entrepreneurship can  go hand in hand with each other, with the entrepreneurship discipline being about making opportunities happen,  while the entertainment aspect helps make the approach more fun.


Something extremely important is to realize that the one thing that is consistent in the entertainment media industry is change. Each decade there seems to be a new technology or trend that one who is following the entertainment entrepreneurship credo, must integrate into their work.

Looking Beyond the Critics

Be aware also that entrepreneurs are often confronted by various negative influences of criticism especially when it comes to being a part of the entertainment industry. Some people will tell you that it doesn’t work and to stop doing it.

The Business of Show

Critics mean well but should be avoided. The proof is in the pudding in that all it takes to regain confidence about being an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry is to look at all the big stars who also have their own production companies. Keep in mind Harry Potter at one time was just words on a writer’s page. Believe and move forward. There’s a reason that they call it show BUSINESS!

Your Elevator Pitch as One Who Practices Entertainment Entrepreneurship

We love the old recruiting concept of Uncle Sam letting you know that he wants YOU. Well, we also want YOU, the Entertainment Entrepreneur, because today we are going to look at the question: “How do you promote yourself?” How are you keeping your Entertainment Entrepreneurship business afloat? Are you able to describe your business in the time it takes to ride an elevator with someone?

When you’re involved in Entertainment Entrepreneurship it is sometimes challenging to describe what you do, let alone have a brief speech you can give. But if you haven’t already figured out how to convey your mission quickly, then it is recommended you do so. This is because if you can get across your company and activities swiftly, you are more likely to convert someone you’re speaking with into being a client, customer or fan.

Here’s an example of an elevator pitch from one of our founders. It changes a little bit each time he gives it, but the basics are always there:

“Hi. I’m a website marketing guy therefore you can reach me at I have a company called USAcreate. We create online marketing for you that is made in the USA. What differentiates us from other marketing companies is that we specialize in serving those who have businesses and careers in the mind/body/spirit realm. And for this we created a special website at because we believe that your story is your most powerful marketing tool. What is your story?”

So there you have it. A basic template you can use to create s synopsis of your own Entertainment Entrepreneurship identity. So what is your story? We and Uncle Sam want to know!

Entertainment Entrepreneurship – There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business

Benefit from Integrating Show Business into Your Business
Integrate Show Business into Your Business

Even USC is Getting into the Act

The catchphrase for is “There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business.” This slogan seems to be showcasing the concept that entrepreneurial activity is best served when its marketing is entertaining and creative. Also, Entertainment Entrepreneurship is not just the name of a website but has also been validated by the fact that USC (University of Southern California) offers an Entertainment Entrepreneurship course for their students.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship Found Online and Offline

But USC isn’t the only institution of learning that has a course on Entertainment Entrepreneurship. Florida’s popular campus and online education provider called Full Sail University offers one as well. It is entitled “Entrepreneurship in the Entertainment Business.”

The Best Place to Get ArtisticPreneur eBooks is on Art Gush

Art Gush is where you can instantly download ArtisticPreneur eBooks to learn how to use Entertainment Entrepreneurship to get more customers, clients and fans. And Art Gush is not just an eBooks store but it’s also a blog where you can discover effective ways to use video producing, web designing, digital marketing and blogging to take your ArtisticPreneur business or career to the next level.

Use Entertainment Entrepreneurship for Your Small Business

Justin Key on LinkedIn writes about Entertainment Entrepreneurship as being the successful secret weapon of every successful entertainer. But Entertainment Entrepreneurship is of course not restricted just to entertainers and other artists. It is also a technique that can be used very effectively by small businesses.

The Importance of Self Identifying as an ArtisticPreneur

The use by small businesses of Entertainment Entrepreneurship starts with first defining yourself as being an ArtisticPreneur. As an ArtisticPreneur you are creative and innovative in your approach to marketing your products and services. But from what source is this inspiration and ability found? We believe that it comes from understanding the psychology of Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

Forbes Magazine and Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Even Forbes is jumping on the Entertainment Entrepreneurship bandwagon with their article by Alex Knapp about Wil Wheaton regarding him being an entertainment entrepreneur. Wheaton is a former child actor turned YouTube star. By starting a YouTube channel he harnessed the power of Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

Regardless of Your Creative Career Path You Can Utilize Entertainment

So whether you’re an entertainer or small business or artist of any kind, you can empower your career or business with the use of Entertainment Entrepreneurship and become an ArtisticPreneur.

Get them GUSHING About Your ART and Business

You might want to check out Art Gush which is the blog and eBook store where you can instantly download ArtisticPreneur eBooks that show you how to get more customers, clients and fans using Entertainment Entrepreneurship. As an ArtisticPreneur you can take your creative career and business to the next level because there’s no business that’s NOT in show business.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship: It’s Okay to Believe in Unicorns

Release the unicorns, they can help you more than you may think.
Release the unicorns, they can help you more than you may think.

My daughter loves unicorns as many kids do. But as we get older we stop believing in things that we label as “Make Believe.” Why? Because we’re trying to be realists. It’s interesting, but all the successful artists who I had the honor of knowing before they became famous had one thing in common. They never doubted that they would be successful. Sure, sometimes they would stop believing, but throughout was a steadfast mental commitment to achieving the creative career levels they felt entitled to. Yet at the same time it was almost as though they might as well have been believing in unicorns, because those around them in the early days were not convinced they’d become what they eventually became. I also noticed that these artisticpreneurs increasingly made a point of building relationship with those who believed in unicorns too. Eventually they had created a cocoon around them of believers – believers in them. Of course those around them were connected to other people who could help with the journey. And as such, they made their ascent. Blocking out the naysayers and focusing on the dream. But for them it wasn’t a pipe dream, it was a guiding light. The unicorns carried them where they wanted to go.