Entertainment Entrepreneurs Must Toot Their Own Horns

Getting Gigs

Not all entrepreneurs are artists but most artists of today are entrepreneurs. Why? Because they have a vision, brand and product to sell: themselves and their work. And this doesn’t just go for painters. It’s true of filmmakers, musicians, dancers and more. Even those who are not well known to the public, have to generate a certain kind of marketing which is to maintain relationships to get gigs.

Prevent the Nosedive

Are you an Entertainment Entrepreneur who uses Entertainment Entrepreneurship? If so, promoting yourself never ends. This is due to the fact that if you stop spreading the word about yourself or have team members who are getting out news about you stop doing so, you career and practice will take a nosedive.

Marketing and Entrepreneurial Help

Of course historically there are examples of those who seemingly didn’t promote themselves who did well. Or even individuals who became famous after they died. But all these people were connected to some kind of marketing and entrepreneurial help.

Toot Your Own Horn

Today most Entertainment Entrepreneurs know that they need to beat their own drum to get noticed. Marketing and entrepreneurial activities are sometimes¬† taken a bite out of their time that is even larger than them doing their creative projects. This is the reality of many of today’s artists,¬† you have to toot your own horn because no one else will.