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Your Own Entertainment Industry

John Yianni Stamas (whose job has gotten him up close and personal with celebrities) reveals show business strategies, digital marketing and campaigning for those who want to get involved with the entertainment industry or for small business owners who desire to place their business in front of more customers.

    Stamas’ approach is straight forward: utilize all the online and offline digital and social media technologies available to replicate your very own Hollywood of which you are in control. And then create buzz and publicity by using the methods of visibility-building that the film industry does.

This can work for artists of all kinds as well as small business owners because if they are somewhat tech savvy themselves they can create the media or have someone else create it for them. The media includes doing a web series, campaigns and analysis of results - the very basics of video production, web design and internet marketing.

Think about, when a movie is made it is an event unto itself for which there are all different kinds of promotions both merchandising and special interest. We learn through Hollywood’s media of the hobbies and interests of cast and crew as well as become engaged with many different ways that the film is brought to our attention.

On a smaller level (but with just as much impact because you will be focusing on a niche audience) you can do the same with your web series. Everyone from the actors to wardrobe to cameras and beyond can create his or her own mini campaigns within your own larger one. There is power in numbers and we'll show you how to get others involved.

Does this sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. If you follow the steps one at a time you can accomplish just about anything.

  But where do you start? The first and most important step in writing your overview is to define your audience. You will define your audience in a basic way initially and then in the second step get more specific.

Think of it this way: it is easier to put your product (yourself) in front of an audience that is ready to buy, than an audience you have to persuade. Therefore it is a vital goal to find that audience. This is the key to Entertainment Entrepreneurship. It allows you to be proactive instead of having to wait around for the phone to ring.

Thankfully you have two experts on your side – Dr. Justin Giordano (Entertainment Lawyer, MBA and Professor) and John Yianni Stamas (Filmmaker, Entrepreneur and Educator) to help you along the way. Their experience in the area of Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship will show you how you can harness the power of online and offline digital media that was up until fairly recently only available to the very rich and exclusive.

Dr. Giordano is an interesting mix of business and the arts, because he is not only a lawyer and MBA but also a music artist and performer. He has recorded several albums and is the music supervisor on the Entertainment Entrepreneurship web series entitled "Primordial Eye," overseeing student involvement from the perspective of the music industry.

John Yianni Stamas will be overseeing student involvement on the “Primordial Eye” web series production from the entertainment industry perspective.

Stamas and Giordano have come together to create a Music and Entertainment Entrepreneurship online course to empower those who wish to get involved in the entertainment industry or small business owners who desire to get their business in front of more customers. Watch the video and build your own online and offline Entertainment Industry to help you realize your dreams. Learn how to use show business strategies, digital marketing and campaigning - because there’s no business that’s not in show business.


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