Is Entertainment Entrepreneurship for You?

Website Networking

The term Entertainment Entrepreneurship is gaining traction online and the fine folks at Entertainment Entrepreneurship couldn’t be happier. Their name is a new buzzword! The catchphrase for Entertainment Entrepreneurship is “There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business!” And a part of’s ascent on Google has to do with their use of networking and help from the folks at “How to Get New Customers.” Also helpful has been looking at franchises such as Harry Potter.

It’s All About Useful Information

E.E. networks with others in their field who have websites. Although it is generally NOT great advice to promote each other online for various Google internal algorithm reasons, if you are truly linking to useful information in your niche, the result can often times be good!

E.E. Power

The fact is that some individuals have absolutely no idea what the term Entertainment Entrepreneurship really means is one of the reasons that colleges and other educational organizations are encouraging students to learn how to harness its power. Even U.S.C. offers a class in it! That’s where organizations such as “How to Get New Customers” can be helpful.

Different than the Norm

Our definition of what Entertainment Entrepreneurship is, is the use using entrepreneurial tactics while pursuing a career in the entertainment field. Why is this different than the traditional approach to being a producer, writer, actor etc.?

Doing Something New

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is different than the traditional route of a career in show business, in that the entertainment entrepreneur sometimes leverages tactics to produce results for her or himself that involves elements not normally by those in the field.

Multifaceted Possibilities

Techniques outside of the typical realm include entrepreneurial sponsorship, project development and more. And as an entertainment entrepreneurship devotee you can start, run, and oversee multiple companies

Is This For You?

Entertainment and entrepreneurship can  go hand in hand with each other, with the entrepreneurship discipline being about making opportunities happen,  while the entertainment aspect helps make the approach more fun.


Something extremely important is to realize that the one thing that is consistent in the entertainment media industry is change. Each decade there seems to be a new technology or trend that one who is following the entertainment entrepreneurship credo, must integrate into their work.

Looking Beyond the Critics

Be aware also that entrepreneurs are often confronted by various negative influences of criticism especially when it comes to being a part of the entertainment industry. Some people will tell you that it doesn’t work and to stop doing it.

The Business of Show

Critics mean well but should be avoided. The proof is in the pudding in that all it takes to regain confidence about being an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry is to look at all the big stars who also have their own production companies. Keep in mind Harry Potter at one time was just words on a writer’s page. Believe and move forward. There’s a reason that they call it show BUSINESS!