“Mog and His Bitchin’ Hoods” is One of the Most Popular of 4 Fake Bands

4 Groups that Sort Of Never Were

“Mog and His Bitchin’ Hoods” is one of the most popular of 4 fake bands from the ’80’s. These groups include “Johnny Rave and the Lips (1980 – 1982),” “Mog and His Bitchin’ Hoods (1982 – 1984),” “Y (1984 – 1985)” and “IYB (1989 – 1990).”

How Do You Promote Something that Never Was?

Despite all 4 of them being pretend groups, they are still popular today as evidenced by this web page (play along with us, won’t you)?

They All Have Yes in Common

One of the things that all of these entities have in common is that they all had the same lead singer Yianni Eurpides Stamas (Y.E.S.) of the now popular (well sort of) Stamas Bros in which he plays Stamas Bro Homer.

When in Doubt, Name-Drop

Also, there is a lot of name dropping possible for the members of these groups in terms of being related to celebs or actually being semi-celebs themselves.

Name-Dropping #1 of 4

For example Corey Dee Williams who played the character “Manliest” in “Mog and His Bitchin Hoods” is the son of Hollywood icon Billy Dee Williams (a.k.a. Lando Calrissian from the original Star Wars trilogy).

Name-Dropping #2 of 4

And Yianni’s grandfather is Jack Schaefer who wrote the classic western movie “Shane” (look it up). Also, Randy Allaire who played keyboards in “Y” was an important backup dancer with Michael Jackson.

Name Dropping #3 of 4

Oh, and Kram A. Samats who played guitar in “Johnny Rave and the Lips,” is currently the lead singer and guitarist of the band “Off Every Day” which is the band that doesn’t exist (which would have been something to namedrop about if they had actually worked toward becoming famous, but instead were, well, off every day(and did we mention they don’t exist)!

Name-Dropping #4 of 4

And finally, Nicolas Cage introduced “Johnny Rave and the Lips” in a Super 8 cult movie that no one knows about entitled “The Rave.” Again, please realize, that all of these groups are not real, but did exist at one time in a nonexistent manner!