Virtual Reality the New Reality?

Dealing with Isolation

As many of you have likely thought, what’s next? Is the cure to being in lockdown embracing virtual reality? Or will it be the extreme other side consisting of fighting against media of any kind? Kind of like what we experience every day on the news which has one aspect of the population going outside again, while another uses media and other tools just to cope within four walls. In other words, is entertainment the solution to dealing with isolation.

A Boon for Entertainment Entrepreneurship?

This is an amazing time for digital entertainment providers and entrepreneurs. Why? Because there is available a large audience of those who are seeking entertainment experiences that will assist them in dealing with not being able to go outside. Or is the other side going to win with their “work ethic” and their claim to freedom over safety.

The Big Question

What it really all comes down to is the question “Virtual reality or the new reality?

Are You Digital Enough?

Take Inventory

Are you digital enough? Sounds like a strange question but it is very relevant in this day and age. Because let’s face it, the companies that had their Entertainment Entrepreneurship ventures work were those steeped in the digital domain.

Transform Aspects

There are sadly many people suffering because they hadn’t integrated digital into their E.E. Why go digital? It is because with it you have the ability to communicate with your existing clients and your future ones. You were also able to help them with aspects of your business that were digital.

Take the Steps

How do you take steps to make your Entertainment Entrepreneurship venture more visual? It requires rethinking your business but not changing what your business is all about. In other words, go back to the solution your business provides for customers, then imagine your approach being partially powered by digital. This includes internal processes and communication outreach. Best to you.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is a “Thing”

All it takes is a camera and a dream and you could be the next great creator of the world of Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

A Powerful Term

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is a “Thing” and there is no better site than as a source of info about this powerful term.

Navigating the Industry

There have been many ways of defining an Entertainment Entrepreneurship, but you’ll find the best definition here. It is someone in the entertainment field who in addition to being talented in a certain area of show business also draws from the business world and that of entrepreneurs in order to navigate and build her/his career. We thank USA How To for the definition.

The Power Package

And a our friends at DocuMystery will tell you, if you also understand and practice a filmmaking methodology, nothing can stop you.

Is Entertainment Entrepreneurship for You?

Website Networking

The term Entertainment Entrepreneurship is gaining traction online and the fine folks at Entertainment Entrepreneurship couldn’t be happier. Their name is a new buzzword! The catchphrase for Entertainment Entrepreneurship is “There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business!” And a part of’s ascent on Google has to do with their use of networking and help from the folks at “How to Get New Customers.” Also helpful has been looking at franchises such as Harry Potter.

It’s All About Useful Information

E.E. networks with others in their field who have websites. Although it is generally NOT great advice to promote each other online for various Google internal algorithm reasons, if you are truly linking to useful information in your niche, the result can often times be good!

E.E. Power

The fact is that some individuals have absolutely no idea what the term Entertainment Entrepreneurship really means is one of the reasons that colleges and other educational organizations are encouraging students to learn how to harness its power. Even U.S.C. offers a class in it! That’s where organizations such as “How to Get New Customers” can be helpful.

Different than the Norm

Our definition of what Entertainment Entrepreneurship is, is the use using entrepreneurial tactics while pursuing a career in the entertainment field. Why is this different than the traditional approach to being a producer, writer, actor etc.?

Doing Something New

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is different than the traditional route of a career in show business, in that the entertainment entrepreneur sometimes leverages tactics to produce results for her or himself that involves elements not normally by those in the field.

Multifaceted Possibilities

Techniques outside of the typical realm include entrepreneurial sponsorship, project development and more. And as an entertainment entrepreneurship devotee you can start, run, and oversee multiple companies

Is This For You?

Entertainment and entrepreneurship can  go hand in hand with each other, with the entrepreneurship discipline being about making opportunities happen,  while the entertainment aspect helps make the approach more fun.


Something extremely important is to realize that the one thing that is consistent in the entertainment media industry is change. Each decade there seems to be a new technology or trend that one who is following the entertainment entrepreneurship credo, must integrate into their work.

Looking Beyond the Critics

Be aware also that entrepreneurs are often confronted by various negative influences of criticism especially when it comes to being a part of the entertainment industry. Some people will tell you that it doesn’t work and to stop doing it.

The Business of Show

Critics mean well but should be avoided. The proof is in the pudding in that all it takes to regain confidence about being an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry is to look at all the big stars who also have their own production companies. Keep in mind Harry Potter at one time was just words on a writer’s page. Believe and move forward. There’s a reason that they call it show BUSINESS!

How to Get New Customers

Get New Customers, Clients and Fans

The catchphrase for Entertainment Entrepreneurship is “There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business!” Like USA Create, we believe in marketing through the use of entertainment. But sometimes you need a simple promotional solution to go along with the show biz aspects and USA Create has come up with that solution. It’s called “How to Get New Customers” located at

Experience the Glitz and Glamour of the Entertainment World, who bring you the weekly Newsletter, are users of entertainment in their entrepreneurship just like we are. In fact, they even recently helped their friends at Harry Potter Fan Club NYC with a fan campaign.

Promotional Tools

And they’ve done a great job of coming up with a series of promotional DigiComArts tools that can be used alongside the development of entertainment campaigns. This means you’ll always have hearty and basic techniques alongside the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world.

The Best Source of the Marketing Evolution

If you are interested in trying out “How to Get New Customers” on your own, the place to sign up for it is “How to Get New Customers” is a web promotion system to get you more customers, clients and fans. If you are interested in getting more customers, clients and fans in an entertaining manner, we recommend you check out their website.

Techniques that Work

How is such a system developed? Through taking things that have worked in the past and pairing them up with more things that have been working also. The idea is to get the best of the best in terms of marketing methodology concepts and putting them alongside each other. This is what the “How to Get New Customers” is all about: techniques that work.

You Get 3 Free Things

If you would like to get started with free stuff, we known that the best way to do this is to either go to or and sign up for the free weekly newsletter that comes with a free 10 day email course as well as a free eBook checklist.

Experience Leads to Marketing Tips

All of these free things will give you the opportunity to see if the process is the right fit for you. Either way, the newsletter each week brings you a story of what has been going on with that ends with a marketing tip that was developed through undergoing that experience. As mentioned, Harry Potter Fan Club NYC has been featured in this way.

The Ever Developing System

You see, USA create are the founders of the Blog Coalition that is a coalition of over 35 blogs that consist of being either for in house projects or those for clients. They are constantly interacting with experts and are gleaning all the greatest methods of the moment. These methods go back into the system that is ever developing.

Movie Method for Solopreneurs and ArtisticPreneurs

That Movie is Standing on its Head!

DigiRefer has been a Godsend for those who needed to find qualified folks for working on creative projects such as the DocuMystery Experiment connected to the Thrillumentary moviemaking procedure that turned the way that films are made upside down.

Actors Only

For those of you not familiar with the DocuMystery Experiment in conjunction with Thrillumentary, it was an undertaking in which the very nature of making films was completely reinterpreted. It relied on primarily one artist behind the scenes who wrote, directed and produced the movie with the only other folks working on the endeavor being the actors.

Join the Tank

So who did DigiRefer refer? Primarily consultants with different areas of expertise who together constituted a kind of think tank. Because some of the consultants lived outside of New York City, Skype was often used. DigiRefer is like other talent banks with a difference. The people connected to the organization are very creative and able to adapt, especially when needing to step out of the box.

Thank You Technology

Entertainment Entrepreneurship is alive and well. Thanks in part to all of the technological evolution in the past 15 years or so. Anyone who wants to be an artistic of any kind can, as well as there being ways to then market the art that is made.

It is a Nice Fit with the Solopreneur

DigiRefer for example was responsible for the success of Entertainment Entrepreneurship’s unusual filmmaking methodology. It was movie making for the solopreneur which is itself its own genre.

Art or Info?

The thing with selling art these days is that sometimes for distribution one needs to focus on the value of the info about the making of the art rather than the art itself. The world is hungry for information, not necessarily artists or performing artists, especially those who are at the beginning of their careers.

New Talent Thermometer

So the outcome of the DigiRefer think tank sessions was that the level you need to monetize your art through selling information was in relation to how new the talent was.

It’s the Sideshow

Solve a problem that people have as it relates to your art that depending on what kind of art form you practice can complement the content in some way. Thanks to DocuMystery for you help.

Your Elevator Pitch as One Who Practices Entertainment Entrepreneurship

We love the old recruiting concept of Uncle Sam letting you know that he wants YOU. Well, we also want YOU, the Entertainment Entrepreneur, because today we are going to look at the question: “How do you promote yourself?” How are you keeping your Entertainment Entrepreneurship business afloat? Are you able to describe your business in the time it takes to ride an elevator with someone?

When you’re involved in Entertainment Entrepreneurship it is sometimes challenging to describe what you do, let alone have a brief speech you can give. But if you haven’t already figured out how to convey your mission quickly, then it is recommended you do so. This is because if you can get across your company and activities swiftly, you are more likely to convert someone you’re speaking with into being a client, customer or fan.

Here’s an example of an elevator pitch from one of our founders. It changes a little bit each time he gives it, but the basics are always there:

“Hi. I’m a website marketing guy therefore you can reach me at I have a company called USAcreate. We create online marketing for you that is made in the USA. What differentiates us from other marketing companies is that we specialize in serving those who have businesses and careers in the mind/body/spirit realm. And for this we created a special website at because we believe that your story is your most powerful marketing tool. What is your story?”

So there you have it. A basic template you can use to create s synopsis of your own Entertainment Entrepreneurship identity. So what is your story? We and Uncle Sam want to know!

New Project at the ArtisticPreneur Website

The Audience They Were First Pursuing

ArtisticPreneur has a secret. We’ll tell you about this later. We being Entertainment ENTREPRENEURSHIP it makes sense that we’d be interested in ArtisticPRENEUR because we both share “Preneur” in our site names. But of course that’s not the only reason, we are also very interested in their experimenting. At the moment ArtisticPreneur is serving those over 50 which from what we gather is going quite nicely. The gamble they’ve taken is the belief that the Over 50 crowd includes those who have unfulfilled dreams of having wanted an arts career or starting a business and did not pursue it, going the safe route instead.

Ready to Experiment

Certainly there are older persons signing up for the ArtisticPreneur Newsletter as well as communicating with the powers that be at ArtisticPreneur. But from what we gather from our last correspondence with ArtistiPreneur, they are not fully getting the result that they had hoped for and therefore have been considering other options. In our conversation with ArtisticPreneur we recommend they give it more time since they only just started with the over 50 angle approximately a month ago, which is barely any time at all. But regardless, ArtisticPreneur is vehement about wanting to look at other possible markets.

Mum’s the Word

Now here’s where the secret comes in. When we asked them what these markets were, they went closed lips on us. Regardless of how hard we tried, we couldn’t get it out of them. So in many ways this is a non report since the only news we have regarding ArtisticPreneur is that they are considering other avenues of audiences. We do know though how very seriously ArtisticPreneur takes in looking for the fit with a demographic. They literally wrote the book about this with some of the eBooks they’ve written about the topic. So it’s anyone’s guess who they are reaching out. As new information comes in we’ll keep you posted.


ArtisticPreneurship is a hot topic. How is it different from Entertainment Entrepreneurship? Read this blog post to find out!

A Creative Take

ArtisticPreneurship is a variation on Entertainment Entrepreneurship, the difference being that Entertainment Entrepreneurship is the art of combining an entertainment approach to achieving your entrepreneurial goals, whereas ArtisticPreneurship uses a creative approach (including entertainment) to achieve those goals. In other words the first is entertainment based, while the latter has a more general creative take.

Working Toward a Common Goal

Keeping this in mind, the website as of this writing is at the very beginning of developing their site and appear to be slowly but surely adding new new sections to their menu. The latest is the ArtisticPreneurial COLLECTIVE. Another group that is on the rise and doesn’t even have a website yet is They’re show business savvy! They truly fit our mantra which is “There’s no business that’s NOT in showbusiness!”

The ArtisticPreneur Collective

Collective is a term that can mean many things, but we here at Entertainment Entrepreneurship are guessing that ArtisticPreneur is utilizing the name as meaning “A group of like minded individuals working toward a common goal.”

The main goal that has, as taken from their “About” page, appears to be:

“We are a creative New York City collective of media professionals and freelance marketers who specialize in working with you, the ArtisticPreneur, via the internet to help you get more new customers, clients and fans as well as retain the ones you already have.”

Evolution of a Website

It’s interesting watching evolve. From our sources we have heard that ArtisticPreneur is building their site based on public interest. In other words they calculate what the most popular topics are and then they put things on their website along the lines of those subjects.

Growth Can End at Any Time

We’ve also gleaned regarding the act of them adding pages could end at anytime. Since they are basing their updates on audience interest, if the visitors stop coming so will the content. Let’s hope that continues their journey because thus far, in our opinion, the additions have been fun to watch.

ArtisticPreneur Celebrities who use Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Celebrity ArtisticPreneurs
Is it possible to be good at both art and business? Coming up are some ArtisticPreneur celebrities who seem to indicate that the answer is “Yes!”

Entertainment Entrepreneurship as a Strategy for ArtisticPreneurs

It’s no secret that many celebrity ArtisticPreneurs use Entertainment Entrepreneurship. Some use Entertainment Entrepreneurship to facilitate their careers and others have side businesses. We’re going to detail some of our favorite ArtisticPreneurs including Tyler Perry, Reese Witherspoon, The Olsen Twins and Billy Corgan

Tyler Perry

First let’s take a look at ArtisticPreneur Tyler Perry. He’s someone who has used Entertainment Entrepreneurship techniques to facilitate his career as an actor and multifaceted entertainment professional.

Here’s what was said about Tyler Perry as seen in

“The actor is famously known for creating (and starring as) the Madea character. Perry has brought in more than $650 million through the comedy franchise so far. He launched Tyler Perry Studios in 2005.”

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is our next ArtisticPreneur and Entertainment Entrepreneurship user as seen in

“In 2010, the Oscar award–winning actress paired with Australian producer Bruna Papandrea to create the production company Pacific Standard. The mega hit Gone Girl was the first film produced by the company. Later, they released Wild, another hit starring Witherspoon herself. The company aims to buy the rights to novels with empowering roles for women.”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

And of course it’s important to mention the ArtisticPreneur duo the Olsen Twins of “Full House” fame. Let’s take a look at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as seen in

“They currently preside over Dualstar Entertainment, a retail group established in their names in 1993, which now sells around $1 billion in merchandise (from clothes to accessories to cosmetics) each year, mainly through Wal-Mart. The pair has also branched out into couture fashion with their own label, The Row.”

Billy Corgan

We’ve saved our personal favorite ArtisticPreneur for last because we’re fans of his band Smashing Pumpkins. Here’s what was said about Billy Corgan in

“Billy Corgan is a man of many talents. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman owns a tea shop in Highland Park, IL, and is a senior producer of TNA Wrestling.”

In Closing

So there you have it, Entertainment Entrepreneurship details on ArtisticPreneurs Tyler Perry, Reese Witherspoon, The Olsen Twins and Billy Corgan all of whom are talented in both the arts and business.