Psychology of Being an Artist or a Small Business Owner and How to Take Charge of Your Internal Challenges that are Getting in the Way of Your Success

Developing the right mindset can make a big difference for your creative career or business.
Developing the right mindset can make a big difference for your creative career or business.

With hundreds of thousands of artists in discliplines ranging from performing to visual to fine arts graduating each year, according to experts there are now many more creative individuals now than there are jobs. This goes for artists including musicians, writers and filmmakers as well as small businesses. Artists who believe they are the less than 1 percent who will get the jobs, are in crisis. For some creatives this is debilitating in terms of their mindset.

Creating Opportunities Rather than Waiting for Them

An example of a solution to the artist job crisis is learning to proactively create your own opportunities through systems and methodologies much like Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

Another example of a solutions for creatives that they can use to realize their goals are the marketing approaches shown at Video Film Web. Freelancers who worked with Video Film Web before its closing in 2013 are available to create helpful tools for ArtisticPreneurs such as web designing, digital marketing and blogging services (check out DigiRefer). These services are detailed at the Video Film Web website (which is still up) for actors, businesses, educators, experts, nonprofits, performers, students, talents and vendors.

The Psychology of Being an Artist or Small Business Owner

We begin to think self-defeating thoughts and we can’t shake those societal myths about how art isn’t practical or that starting our own business is a pipe dream. Other myths include that artists are just neurotics, how we’ll never make money from art, how you need to be trained in art, that we’re too old to get started and we left it too late, or that we’re a fraud. We come to believe these things are true but they aren’t.

Irrational Fears and Beliefs

We already know that irrational fears and beliefs are killing our creativity, but do we know which fears and beliefs are responsible?

Do we know where they came from? Do we know what caused them in the first place? Where the pain is coming from? The ArtisticPreneur website can assist in unlocking the secret.

There was a time in our lives when it seemed blocking and avoiding was all that we did. The Creative Block was just one of the problems with this. It was nothing but a symptom and not the underlying cause.

Negative Past Programming Catches Up with Us (and What to Do About It)

This syndrome seems to be associated with fears relating to situations where we could be rejected, betrayed, criticized, persecuted or hurt. These alarming fears cause us to become more avoidant than ever before in all areas of our life. It isn’t something that only affects our art and creativity.

That’s why we formed ArtisticPreneur and the happy road that Entertainment Entrepreneurship can take you on. To give artists a way to escape the pain – a safe place to be. And ultimately members take their artistic careers to the next level.

The Real Reasons for Becoming an ArtisticPreneur

But members are not solely focused on gaining money, property, or even prestige. They define success as doing something they find fulfilling and creative every day. They even consider promotion to be a creative art.

Two of the biggest banes of the creative soul are procrastination and avoidance. The good news is there is now ArtisticPreneur support out there for people who are eager to create but seem unable to even get started on a project, stay on course with one, and complete it – much less begin promoting themselves and their art.

Shed Your History of Invalidation

Far too many artistic people grow up in an atmosphere on invalidation – they are told that their art or their business will never get them anywhere. It leaves us feeling ambivalent about our art and entrepreneurship and expressing ourselves.

The Conscious and Unconscious Worlds

It seemed like we would do anything, whether it was a conscious or unconscious action, to avoid doing the one thing that could really make us happy – doing something creative.

We begin to take ourselves away from the artistic world within us by investing in areas of our lives, our relationships, and our work activities in ways that are incompatible with our true artistic and entrepreneurial purpose as an ArtisticPreneur.

The creative energy that we should be feeling is instead locked behind a wall of anger, despair, depression, and obsessive compulsive behavior. It leads to us damaging our lives by blocking out the significant relationships we have from our lives – whether they be professional, personal, love, or family relationships.

Intimidation Can Be Dream Shattering

We begin to feel intimidated by the success of other artists and business people. Our hearts and minds become filled with a range of emotions including envy, fear, jealousy, self-pity, resentment, and perfectionism. All of this just works to block our creativity. We begin to feel that we are unworthy of any success; whether it is the success we’ve already had or just wish we had.

The Fear of “Putting Yourself Out There.”

At that point we really begin to feel unsafe. We become afraid that we will be a target for criticism, harm, and rejection. We shrink into ourselves and become invisible. We constantly tread the border of beginning to create; forever trapped in Avoidant Phobic Syndrome.

We start to feel that our art is divorced from reality. We deny ourselves the right to go out there and live our dreams. We start to forget that artist or budding entrepreneur, just like everybody else, have a right to work in the way that they want and deserve to enjoy the success and happiness that comes with it.

The Monetary Freeze Up

We doubt that we could even earn any money for our art. It’s made more difficult as we are unable to even put a monetary value on our art or pricing structure for our business. This causes us to quickly become overwhelmed by the idea of living off our art or entrepreneurial activities as an ArtisticPreneur. It becomes an insurmountable task with everything you need to think about.

We end up denying that we have a responsibility to develop and realize our abilities. We constantly switch between staying true to ourselves or not. We become afraid to make the changes and sacrifices that we need to in order to realize our dreams.

Time Management Falls Apart

Time quickly becomes unmanageable. It becomes “impossible” to stay on top of our projects and so we just sabotage them instead. We had a dream of working for art and business but were unsure about how to make that happen. The process becomes infuriating and we get impatient. We forget that the results come when creativity wants them to and not when we want them to. Also, that we can make results happen if we use the tools of the entrepreneur.

Trust Your Desire to Create Art and a Business

We even become afraid of our creative energy and begin to mistrust our creative instincts. We lose the spiritual awareness and forget that we are supposed to be channels for the Infinite Creative Process.

Becoming an ArtisticPreneur can totally change your perspective on running your business or advancing your creative career.
Becoming an ArtisticPreneur can totally change your perspective on running your business or advancing your creative career.

Making the Change

What we should be doing is using the tools we have to bring our art to life. Positive disciplines like this will allow us to live every day like the artists and entrepreneurs we know we truly are.

We come to believe that we are artists, entrepreneurs and artisticpreneurs, identifying ourselves as such. These positive statements will affirm our commitment to the artistic gifts we have.

Even a Newsletter Subscription Can Make a Difference

We start to join email subscriptions like the “ArtisticPreneur Newsletter” that provide steps to artistic and marketing success. This newsletter comes out weekly with new strategies for ArtisticPreneurs to realize their dreams and goals.