Sharks, Little Sharks and Being an Introvert

How Can You Use Marketing for the Sometimes Trying Existence of Being  One of the Quiet Ones?

Even if you are already a shark, being one on TV is going to take a bit of effort. Remember, you need to market yourself as a less famous shark to build up to a higher level such as getting international exposure.

Promoting Yourself to Others

How then do you promote who you are to others? Since marketing yourself in this manner is sometimes not necessarily considered “marketing” in the classic sense, you will need to do a lot of networking. We dislike the word “networking” but it is a good word for expressing what you need to do.

A Plus Because of the Virus

Again, if you are an introvert this is going to be harder to do. Ironically, being forced to remain in our homes because of the virus, is actually good for introverts because it is easier for them to promote themselves when they can limit themselves to using emails, texting and other low stress means of getting the word out about themselves. Anything but the horror (as perceived by introverts) of having to be stuck in a party and executing the anxiety producing feat of introducing themselves to others and sustaining a conversation.

Full disclosure: we are introverts!