What Does Entertainment Entrepreneurship Mean to Us?

Stop Making Plans While You Look at the Time and Instead Just Start Living

Lennon said it best:

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” -John Lennon

We sometimes get asked: why did you start the Entertainment Entrepreneurship blog? The answer is because we were passionate to get to the bottom of our meaning of Entertainment Entrepreneurship. You see, there are several different meanings possible. And at times we have gotten caught up with the notion of what does the phrase mean? Rather than enjoying why we started the publication in the first plus. The John Lennon quote fits this notion like a glove. Life is indeed what happens when you are busy making other plans!


So what would a post by us be “actually living” than “making plans?” It would be to look at what Entertainment Entrepreneurship means to us. We feel that there is no business that’s NOT in show business. What we are trying to say by this is that the entertainment industry and small businesses have a lot in common. If a small business is not “entertaining” customers in some way, the business will likely fall apart.

Specific Demographic

What do we mean by this? Think if it in terms of the entertainment industry. If an entertainer ceases to be relevant, they become an “oldie” and their only hope is continuing to have their age specific fans relate to them so they can still make money.

Entertainment and Branding

In other words, Entertainment Entrepreneurship means connecting with your audience and keeping them interested. In our case, we are happiest when we think of Entertainment Entrepreneurship being a way to remain a part of a customer’s life by not only SOLVING their PROBLEM but also ENTERTAINING them as you do so. Obvious examples are what some of the insurance companies are doing as of late. Doing absurdist sits to amuse, then launching the pitch at the end. In other words, catch them with entertainment so that you can then reveal your branding.

Are You Up to the Challenge?

That’s okay to do. But it is far more of a challenge to keep entertaining them through every facet from first seeing your branding, through to actually having them choose and use your product or service. Are you up for the challenge? We know that DIYdigi is! If you click that link be sure you are ready to live and not just plan!