In the realm of music, examples of the concept and fun spirit of “There’s no business that’s not in show business” include Justin A.G. (business professor and talented singer/songwriter) as well as a succession of three bands from 1979 – 1989 from performance artist Y.E.S. including Johnny Rave and the Lips, MOG and His Bitchin’ Hoods and IYB.

Justin A.G.

Johnny Rave and the Lips, Mog and his Bitchin’ Hoods and IYB Band

Check out Justin A.G. to learn more about this amazing and multifaceted singer/songwriter.

Performance Artist Y.E.S. bands include:

1979 – 1980 “Johnny Rave and the Lips” with Mark Stamas

1981 – 1983 – “MOG and His Bitchin'” Hoods with Corey Dee Williams

1988 – 1989 “IYB Band” with B Movie Vampire